Image masking has a team of professional photoshop specialists working in masking (Layer / Alpha/ Channel ) hair, fur, etc. We have a quick turnaround and we deliver finished pictures within 24 hours. By outsourcing your image masking needs to expertwebwork, you won’t be disappointed as we turn your pictures into the most creative ones.

Image manipulation

Are you looking to have more shadows and color adjustment or you want to get rid of those red eye or having a complete product picture from individual photos? We do that just fine. We take care of your images so they become more attractive.

Complexity levels and costs:

The cost of Image masking ranges from $1 to $3 depends on the complexity level of the images and the amount of images.

model hair masking

Level 1 ------- Price $1

alpha layer masking

Level 2 ------- Price $2

complex hair masking

Level 3 ------- Price $3


Expertwebwork has a team of professional graphics people who are master of Adobe Photoshop. We know all the tools and tricks! We control your images, we make sure that all elements, even the unseen is solved, sharpened or manipulated before we call it a finished job!

Try before you order

Expertwebwork offers you free trial of 2 image masking to show you our outstanding quality, low cost, and speed of turnaround time. You can send us any type of file format such as TIF, EPS, JPG, PSD etc. We have FTP and Dropbox account to transfer big size file.